Benefits of Falun Dafa

With consistent and dedicated practice, a student of Falun Dafa can achieve a state of selflessness, greater insight and awareness into the purpose of life, inner purity and balance. These could be considered true health. The ultimate goal of this powerful cultivation practice is a state of spiritual enlightenment referred to in the Asian traditions as “attaining the Dao (Way).”

Unlike monastic paths of cultivation, Falun Dafa is practiced in society, with students living regular lives that might include getting married, raising children, and/or pursuing a wide variety of careers. In other words, they live normal lives in society instead of living in a monastery or similar environment. As such, while Falun Dafa aspires to inner transformation of the self, it nevertheless typically translates outwardly into positive change in the world. A diligent practitioner becomes a more patient family member, a more conscientious employee, or a more active member of society.

Practicing the fifth Dafa exercise, a sitting meditation.